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Recurring mouth ulcers, girl age 10 - any advice?

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misscph1973 Wed 27-May-15 15:11:02

My 10 year old DD gets painful mouth ulcers all the time. I get them myself, but not as often as her. I have just ordered some L-lysine for her as supposedly it's good for that, any other ideas? She uses a toothpate free of flouride and SLS, as they can aggravate it. She is in good health and eats a varied diet.

Andro Wed 27-May-15 22:36:06

Some foods can trigger them (chocolate, almonds, cheese, strawberries plus a few more) as can hormone changes so if she's beginning to hit puberty that could be making them worse.

If you're concerned, it might be worth a check of her iron levels and an appointment with her dentist to make sure nothing in her mouth is causing trauma.

ishouldcocoa Wed 27-May-15 22:37:38

I get mouth ulcers if I eat gluten or walnuts. It could well be an oral allergy.

Bangkokbaby Wed 27-May-15 22:39:44

I get mouth ulcers when my iron levels are low, might be worth getting hers checked?

ZolaGood Wed 27-May-15 22:40:47

My sister was prone to mouth ulcers and was diagnosed as coeliac-apparently it's a common symptom so might be worth getting her checked by GP if they are recurrent

DustBunnyFarmer Wed 27-May-15 22:40:47

DH gets mouth ulcers too. We read somewhere that zinc deficiency can be a factor in mouth ulcers, assuming it is not allergy related.

DustBunnyFarmer Wed 27-May-15 22:42:09

Re: testing for coeliac, speak to your GP first before excluding wheat/gluten - you need to be actively exposed for a reliable test result.

Lindor2828 Thu 28-May-15 09:38:54

I suffer from ulcers and have done all my life. Only now at the age of 26 am I finally being investigated. I'm anaemic, zinc and magnesium deficient despite me being a bit of a health freak and eating a really well balanced diet. I'm being investigated for absorption problems, which they think are causing the mouth ulcers. I personally think I may be gluten intolerant. Definately see your GP with your dd, they can really affect quality of life. A specialist may be able to offer some medications you can't buy over the counter. I have some medications now that I wished I had years ago.

ConnortheMonkey Thu 28-May-15 09:40:30

Could she be grinding her teeth and catching the sides of her mouth? Then once mouth is swollen excaberates the problem. Get her dentist to check for grinding and if she needs a mouth guard.

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