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Five year old vaginal discharge

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Lindor2828 Tue 26-May-15 21:44:40

Does anyone know how 'normal' this is or have similar experience?

My dd has had what I considered to be a normal vaginal discharge for a few years on the odd occasion, more a creamy whiteish what I put down as being part of being female. Sorry if this is TMI.

For the last few weeks it's been on a daily basis and more yellow in colour and quite a lot of it dried in her underwear at the end of the day. I've spoken to her about wiping correctly and when I asked if she wipes at school she said no, so I'm thinking she might have some irritation due to poor hygiene maybe? There's some slight redness around the area. She has a bath every evening.

She's been to the Drs this morning, saw a young male Gp as that's the only appointment we could get. He was pretty useless and didn't really know what to say, and said to drop a urine sample in and prescribed some canesten.

Does anyone have experience in this in young girls? I'm worried it could be hormonal and hate to think it being that so young.

nb. Just to add there is no possibility of her being abused. It's only me and dd at home.

306235388 Wed 27-May-15 18:27:19

When you say quite a lot how much do you mean?

Dd is not quite 5 but has always had a yellowish discharge - not a lot though and only sometimes noticeable on pants.

Given the redness and fact she isn't wiping properly I think it's probably irritation rather than hormones? Unless she's showing any other signs? Could it even be a small amount of urine? Does it smell?

Lindor2828 Wed 27-May-15 20:32:04

It's only in her pants, not copious amounts when wiping or anything like that. I've just noticed lately that it's a lot more than it used to be and pretty much every day. It doesn't smell offensive or anything, but I think you're probably right it is most likely due to not wiping etc. I've dropped a urine sample at the gp today anyway.

Your reply has reassured me slightly thanks.

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