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Awful guilt and worry!

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Teapot121 Wed 20-May-15 20:40:54

Hi all
I'm hoping someone can help ease my worries. I have a 12 week dd and on Sunday night she fell off sofa, I hate myself for putting her on there and as I stood up the cushion softened and she hit the floor! She screamed but then I comforted her and she was fine, she has fed normally since, not been sick etc.
NHS said as long as she wasn't showing these signs to just keep an eye.
This was Sunday night so coming up 72 hours. I haven't slept or eaten since!! I am so scared something is going to happen to her! What signs should I look out for now or am I pretty safe?!??
It's hard to see symptoms in a tiny baby, she sleeps ALOT anyway but has a couple of hour sessions kicking on her mat every day which she has done since.
I am driving myself mad.....please someone advise!!!?

Thetrickisnotminding Wed 20-May-15 21:43:44

Oh my love! Please eat and sleep! The fact that you are worried about her shows what a great mum you already are and how much you love her. These things happen. Try not to beat yourself up.

Teapot121 Wed 20-May-15 21:49:36

Thanks so much for such an understanding reply (and for not judging)
Common sense tells me if she has shown no signs of anything major in 72 hours she's fine......but it doesn't stop me stressing!
She had her injections today and even the nurse thought I was a bit neurotic I think! She said I'd know if there was something wrong! I just worry that I wouldn't!
Will try and calm down a bit....I'm sure it won't be her first knock to the head!
Thank you again x

DottyStripes Wed 20-May-15 21:56:35

Eat and sleep! That is the most helpful thing you can do for her, sleep deprived people can easily have accidents or cause them especially to tiny children.

She is fine. If she suddenly develops a high temperature, begins vomiting tons, gets bad diarrhea - quickly seek medical advice, as you would anyhow had this not happened. I can 99.9% garantuee it won't be related if any of that happens btw.

I think sofas and beds are a pretty safe height for babies to fall from, it's unlikely they do any damage - at least according to my dr when DS fell off the bed a few months old.

It's good she screamed - she wasn't unconcious.

You sound so anxious that I really can't see you not bothering to get medical advice about ANY symptom she develops so don't fret, anything occurs and you'll do the sensible thing and get medical advice. Just remember that it's SO unlikely to be related now.

Babies are hugely resilient - mine has no lasting damage from both falling of the bed and also having a box dropped on his forehead by his idiot father at a few weeks old.

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