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DD's dry scalp - nothing works!

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TitsUpTime Mon 11-May-15 17:13:20

DD is 6 years old and for about a year has suffered from a very dry scalp. Its sort of a cross between white, dandruffy 'dust' and hard, flaky yellow cradle cap.

I've tried tar based shampoos, cradle cap treatments, no shampoo, anti dandruff shampoo, coconut oil. Nothing works. It comes back within 24 hours and is really quite gross.

Should I take her to the doctor? Anything else I can try first?

Lizzwarwick Mon 11-May-15 17:26:39

Have you tried leaving some olive oil in over night?
Also my DS had cradle cap, olive oil made it slightly better, but we started using child's farm shampoo and it started to disappear over night, gone in a week! Might be worth a try if you haven't used it. You can buy it from boots, John Lewis or waitrose (1/3 off in waitrose at the mo)
Hope it helps, olive oil for a few weeks might do the trick if not

PleaseGetOffTheTableDarling Mon 11-May-15 17:29:39

I have a similar nightmare scalp and find tea tree oil helps - it can sting a bit though! Good luck.

TitsUpTime Mon 11-May-15 18:01:13

Thank you.

Tried olive oil but it makes the yellow stuff worse. Have tried tea tree shampoo but not pure tea tree oil. Might give that a go.

Thanks again x

Alanna1 Mon 11-May-15 19:52:12

Go to the doctor!

SweepTheHalls Mon 11-May-15 19:53:53

Plenty of conditioner helps DS.

inneedofchocolate Mon 11-May-15 20:10:22

You need some ketoconazole shampoo prescribed by GP or buy from pharmacy.

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