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Son's eye problems! Please help!!

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Wheneverwhatever Mon 11-May-15 11:54:13

Hi, i am really confused and i hope someone can help me.
A month ago, my reception boy's eyes were checked and further investigation was needed.
Last friday we were finally seen byoptician and she thinks my boy is very longsighted and maybe one lazy eye. But she was not sure- she told me she wanted to discuss with colleague, and see my child in half term as he was probably tired after school (i found this an excuse). at the same time, she told me she wants to refer him for the lazy eye but she wants to see him during half term in 3 weeks time to choose glasses.
During the weekend, i discussed with my husband and we decided to go private.
I called the opticians this morning, because i wanted to know if the NHS referral was being sent and to ask a private referral and the receptionist did not have a clue about this, she left a voicemail on optician mobile (i found out this morning she works onlyon fridays) but no news. I asked to have an earlier appointment so now we are going again there on 21st insteadof 29th.

At the same time, i have booked with another optician in another shop and i hope to get a referral from them.

I am so confused. What would you do? I dont want to waste anymore time....

Wheneverwhatever Mon 11-May-15 11:56:05

Sorry for the way it is written! The ipad keyboard is playing up!

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