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Discharge in boys pants?

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DefiniteMaybe Wed 06-May-15 20:59:49

Hi, I'm posting this for my sister, my nephew has been getting discharge in his pants. Quite a lot and quite often, almost every day.
He also can go from 7pm at night before bed until the following afternoon without having a wee.
She's currently got a referral to paediatric urology for him because his testicles aren't there, but the appointment is still almost 2 months away.
Should she take him back to the gp about these issues or just wait until his referral appointment? Has anyone else had this?

niceandwarm Wed 06-May-15 21:05:29

What do you mean by discharge? How old is he?

DefiniteMaybe Wed 06-May-15 21:08:52

Sorry forgot to put that in, he's 3.
I don't know how to describe it, it's white discharge.

feckawwf Wed 06-May-15 21:13:09

My son suffers with with infections/ballunitis regularly and he gets white discharge.

DefiniteMaybe Wed 06-May-15 21:16:40

Does your son have any other symptoms than discharge with the infections feck?

BarbarianMum Thu 07-May-15 10:03:32

Ds1 has had balanitis. His symptoms were a sore, red foreskin and a little bit of pusy discharge.

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