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GP for a 7 year with a cold for over a week, or do we ride it out?

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nowttodowithme Mon 04-May-15 21:57:47

DD doesn't get colds, in fact she's rarely poorly.

She started with a sore throat and cough which progressed to a head cold.

She's had it over a week and been quite poorly. She's not eating and when she does very little. She's tired, quiet and tearful.

Her nose is streaming green snit (tmi) and her little nose is so sore.

I'm giving calpol but pharmacy said if it's green snot it could be an infection.

So is it worth a GP visit or does it sound like a heavy cold.

Ingsy457 Mon 04-May-15 22:36:18

If it's not a chesty cough they will probably tell you it's just a virus :-( maybe get a phone call apt? Try steaming and maybe Vaseline or something round her nose to help protect her skin? The saline drops and spray has been brilliant with my 2 in the past for clearing noses x

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