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can't handle baby being sick

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taratamara21 Sun 03-May-15 15:32:09

Hi evrryone, my ds is 12 months and sick for the 3rd time since feb.. I'm just so fed up and exhausted, i get depressed and can't do anything and time passes so slowly... it takes a week for him to be back to normal. I feed him a very healthy diet, he never has sugar or fruit juice, he takes probiotics and fish oil every day so I'm just thinking whats the point?? if he's ill once a month... and he refuses to sleep so i have to hold him all night which means i get zero sleep too. I'm . so . tired.

BlackSwan Sun 03-May-15 20:32:43

Getting no sleep is torture. Is there anyone who can help you out a bit? You sounds worn out.
If you're in the UK make sure you give him vitamin D drops, as well as baby vitamins. They do pick up lots of things at this age, and as toddlers, so it's to be expected.
Make sure you take vitamins yourself too.

306235388 Sun 03-May-15 23:10:10

I think that really the only bring to do is accept it's going to happen. 'The point' is that he needs to build his immune system and the only possible way of doing that is by catching bugs, developing antibodies and 'storing' them for future use. Tbh being I'll once a month isn't actually bad going ime of toddlers. You're doing all you can and I know how hard it is, there's no point wondering why though . It's just life.

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