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Movicol - what to expect?

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NuzzleandScratch Sun 03-May-15 14:24:54

So we finally got an explanation for dd1's poo accidents (she's 5 now, and has never reliably pooed in the toilet, with the accidents getting worse recently) - she's constipated. The paediatrician said he could feel her bowels full quite high up, so the accidents happen because she's so full, she can't hold it in. I'm aware this is also tied in to withholding.

Anyway, she's been prescribed Movicol, which we started yesterday. The aim is to clear things out, then keep things regular after that (she currently only poos properly about twice a week).

So she had to have 1 sachet morning & evening yesterday, had 2 sachets this morning, and is due to have another 2 sachets tonight. Then from tomorrow, she has to just have 1 sachet each morning.

As yet, she hasn't pooed, expect for a very small accident early today. When can we expect to see some action?! I've got her in a pull up nappy, just in case of an explosion, but I had sort of expected something to have happened by now. I'm also anxious that things get moving so it's done before she's back at school on Tuesday.

Any experience would be appreciated. We're also trying to increase her water intake, and also fruit and veg (to my shame, she has almost none at present, not for want of trying!).

DeeWe Sun 03-May-15 15:22:12

When dd2 was compacted, we had to give lots more to clear her out, if I remember right: You need an awful lot more to deal with it.
It was:
Day 1: 4 sachets
Day 2 8 sachets
Day 3 10 sachets
Day 4 12 Sachets.(if needed)

It should be absolutely pouring out like water to show she's clear. Sorry-bit yucky. If it hasn't cleared by day 4, it was continue at 12 sachets each day.
For dd2 day 3 cleared her.

Then it was 2 a day, one morning, one evening for around 1-2 years, cutting back then very slowly-we spent 3-4 months on 1 one day 2 the next, then another 6-9 months on 1 a day, then again about 3-4 months on 1/2 a day.
You need to come off very slowly, if we rushed it then she got constipated again. And there were days when you realsied she needed it upped again for a few days and then decrease again. Very slow process. But she's now been off for about 4 years and is mostly totally fine.

I'd keep her off school until it's cleared through, and make sure school is aware that if she needs to go they must let her straight away.

NuzzleandScratch Sun 03-May-15 19:53:20

Thank you, that's really helpful, and very detailed! Sounds like we might need to up the dose. I'll see how we go for now, and I won't do anything until I've spoken to our Dr next week. Unfortunately I have to work Tuesday, so if we need to up the dose, it'll be easier after that. Good point about making sure she goes straight to the loo at school. Her teacher is aware of the situation, but I'll speak to her again.

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