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6 month old vinegary watery poo

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MummyPidge Sat 02-May-15 04:33:40

My 6 month old has been having extremely watery yellow poos (they are not being absorbed by the nappy, it is basically a pebbledash hmm all over the nappy) they are a bit explosive and are escaping out of the nappy and all over her clothes (and the car seat/high chair/ walker!) they are extremely strong smelling almost like vinegar. She has been teething since she was 2 months old, is it connected? These nappies are the first time they have been like this, I assume it's due to the increase in saliva!?

She also has extremely bad nappy rash now in between her bum cheeks, I use sudocrem every nappy change anyway but have also been applying a thin layer of metanium I think it's called (was a tester out of the Bounty bag I think!) is it connected to teething or is it diarrhoea. She is formula fed, she is having some food but I have cut back because I don't want to make the poos worse for her little belly. She also has projectile vomited her last feed 9pm up yesterday (down to bile) and a little bit today. I'm stressed that she will become dehydrated as she is not having much bottle because her little gums hurt so much.

What can I do to help her? She's just woken up screaming at 4am because she pooed again (all over her crib so now she's asleep on the bed next to me while her dads at work!) poor little mite I'm so sad she is seeming to be in pain with both the diarrhoea and teething sad

Baddz Sat 02-May-15 07:09:40

Sounds like gastroenteritis
Get some diaoralyte from the chemist to prevent dehydration
Try bepanthen for her nappy rash
Do keep an eye on her for signs of dehydration (bulging fontenelle. Dry eyes etc)

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