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Brain aneurysm

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humblebumble Sat 02-May-15 00:09:14

Hi, my 5 year old son has just had a brain aneurysm discovered during an MRI. Has anyone else been through this and how was it treated?

shouldnthavesaid Sat 02-May-15 09:28:55

I see this at work a lot although I'm not medically qualified, im just talking from experience and what I've seen.. I think there are two options with us - you can watch and wait (which might be the only option if the aneurysm was inoperable) or you can have surgery if this was deemed safe enough.

With surgery, there are two methods of sorting things out - one slightly more modern and less invasive (you might hear them called clipping and coiling). Both are generally very effective in my experience.

You must be so worried but please try not to - Ive been doing this job just under a year and can honestly say I see someone pretty much every week with this. The fact that there - from the sounds of it - hasn't been any 'rupture' (i.e. it hasn't bled) is certainly positive as well. The vast majority of adults that I've seen with this - who come in healthy with an unruptured aneurysm - go home with little effect after surgery.

It does sound terrifying but modern methods mean that if caught early enough the chance of damage to the brain is much less likely.

Here any time if you want to ask a question, can try and answer xx

backtowork2015 Tue 05-May-15 12:29:21

my friend's dh had one which did not require surgery, he had scans to monitor it and has recovered to his previous fitness and abilities. he was off work quite a while and fatigued easily at first but has no lasting problems. sorry, this must be terrifyingthanks

humblebumble Fri 09-Feb-18 03:50:36

My son had a stent inserted successfully about 2 years ago.

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