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8 yr old - bladder troubles

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weeonion Thu 30-Apr-15 22:42:24

evening folks.

DD1 has just turned 8. She had a UTI about a month ago and it seemed to clear up.

She told me tonight that she has been leaking urine. She doesnt feel like she needs to go to the toilet and isnt aware of it happening but then realises that her undies are wet. she also doesnt always feel she needs to go the toilet until the last minute and she has had 2 small accidents in bed in the past couple of weeks.

Poor thing has been embarassed about it and worrying without saying anything.

I am going to try and get a docs appt for her but wondered if anyone else had anything like this? I am wondering if it is another UTI or something more related to her bladder?

weeonion Fri 01-May-15 10:03:02


RibbonJar Fri 01-May-15 10:30:12

My DD (12) has had recurrent urine infections since she was about 4 so we are very used to the signs. Frequency, leaking and not getting to the toilet in time are sometime the only symptoms she gets. Other times she will get back ache, high temperature and nausea.

Definitely worth taking her to the GP and getting a urine sample tested. I find DD is more likely to get infections during term-time as she drinks less water (I'm not there to keep reminding her) & can't get to the toilet as often as she needs to.

For a few years she had to take a low dose of anti-biotics every day to keep the infections away.

DD also felt very embarrassed by accidents so I bought her some small panty liners which she could keep in her school bag and change when needed. Things were slightly easier at primary school as she only had a few teachers who all knew she needed to be allowed to go out of class if she needed the loo urgently. It's proving more difficult at high school.

The most important thing is to try and prevent the infection so plenty of fluids throughout the day, always making sure she empties her bladder completely when she goes (when she has finished weeing tell her to try to go again) and always wiping from front to back with toilet paper so bacteria isn't transferred from her bowel to her urethra.

I hope this is helps.

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