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does anyone have any experience of meckel's scans?

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jojimales Mon 27-Apr-15 08:35:41

Hi, I've done a few searches, but I can't seem to find much online about what it's actually like when your baby has to have a Meckel's scan. We've been having months of blood and mucus out of the bum and out of the mouth and nothing's come up on blood tests or chest x-ray, so this is the next test. Babs is seeming alright in general, I'd just like to know a bit more about the scan to get myself prepared.

Fairygodfucker Mon 27-Apr-15 09:09:48

My ds had a meckal scan but she was older (6-7 I think). They injected her with a radioactive dye and then she lay on a bed. She needed to stay still for the entire scan so they put a movie on for her and the scanner moved around her taking pictures. I know when my dn needed to be still for procedures when he was a baby they sedated him but as my ds was old enough to be distracted my a movie this wasn't needed for her.

My dds meckal scan came back clear but due to ongoing bleeding she ended up having a laparoscopy to look for meckal diverticulitum after the endoscopes/colonoscopies/various other procedures kept failing to find the source of the bleeding. They never did. It appeared to stop just as suddenly as it started when she was about 10.

Best of luck for the scan smile

jojimales Mon 27-Apr-15 12:20:27

Thanks for letting me know, glad your daughter was ok. It's odd this mysterious bleeding business!
What was it like having the baby sedated? Did it seem to bother them afterwards?

Fairygodfucker Mon 27-Apr-15 13:01:37

The sedation just sent him to sleep. He was a bit groggy as it wore off but babies do tend to just bounce back like it was just a normal nap. I found that me and my dsis were more affected then our dc were smile

jojimales Mon 27-Apr-15 17:41:50

ha! sounds familiar smile thank you

jojimales Fri 22-May-15 21:37:10

keep meaning to write on here, in case anyone else does a search and wants to know what scan was like for us.
baby had to fast, which made it a bit difficult because he was hungry and tired by the time we actually got to scan. had a cannula fitted, which was probably the bit that upset him the most! after cannula they gave him sedative, which they give orally and apparently tastes gross, so he did sick most of it out! some must have gone down though, because he did drift off. he was put in scanner, which was totally silent, for 30 mins on his back, while they took pictures. they planned to put him on his side and take 5 mins more of pics, but he woke up and wasn't having any of it. could feed him straight away afterwards and then he seemed fine. then he was radioactive for a day, so we had to keep his nappies outside!
no results yet though...

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