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Toddler d&v how long to get over it? Docs?

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Jackiebrambles Wed 22-Apr-15 10:53:30

My 2.3 year old was sick in the night on Thursday evening, he has never really been sick before so we assumed it was either some grime he’d eaten or a bug from nursery (though nursery say nobody else has had it).

He was sick 2-3 times on Friday but was keeping water and a bit of food down by the end of the day.

Saturday morning we stupidly gave him milk which came straight back up, but that was the last vomiting episode. He started eating bits and pieces at saturday lunchtime and has continued since (some meals he'll only have a couple of bites but he is eating). He then had 3 diarrhoea episodes on Sunday.

He’s still not got his usual appetite but he is eating and drinking (for example after his nap yesterday he wanted a Satsuma so he had 2 and a babybel, then for dinner he had about half a portion of lasagne (which he loves) and a mini rice pudding.

We kept him off nursery on Monday and tuesday but he seemed very perky last night at dinner (singing and then running around afterwards like normal, splashing like a mad thing in the bath last night) so we sent him today. But they’ve called and said he’s not very happy and didn’t want his breakfast.

He’s just not himself. He seems to be lacking energy and just wants to sit around on the sofa and have his dummy (which he normally only has for sleeps).

I just don’t know what to do – should I take him to the doctor when he’s not really ill? (ie no temp, no vomit or runs?).

Is it just the bug that’s knocked him for 6 or could it be something more as he is so not himself?

How long does it take your toddler to get over something like this?

Thanks in advance.

Meemoll Fri 01-May-15 14:39:43

My 4 year old has had a bug that has really floored her as well. She has been sick a few times, but mainly she's really lethargic and has been like this since the weekend. If it continues past this weekend I'm going to take her to the docs. How is your toddler now?

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