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Millionairerow Thu 09-Apr-15 20:31:17

Dd is 4. Diagnosed with UTI as presented with bloody urine while on hol. She has taken trimethoprim for 1.5 days but urine still black and cloudy. How long will it take for the antibiotic to work? She's fine in herself, no fever. But the black pee is freaking me out!

Millionairerow Fri 10-Apr-15 22:23:00

Bump. Pee still red after 5 doses of trimethoprim. Should it be going now?

InSpaceNooneCanHearYouScream Sat 11-Apr-15 20:33:01

You should def take her back to GP with another sample and make sure they send it to lab, not just dip it. That sounds a bit unusual for a uti

InSpaceNooneCanHearYouScream Sat 11-Apr-15 20:36:20

Sorry I misread that as 5 days of treatment. Antibiotics take at least 48 hours to start working but I still think the blood/black colour might warrant further investigation anyway

Millionairerow Sun 12-Apr-15 12:18:39

Thx just wondering if we should phone 111 today or not to see if we can get her the right treatment or whether she can wait till tomorrow. She's still peeing blood but is well in herself. she's now had 8 doses of trimethoprim so seems to not be working

InSpaceNooneCanHearYouScream Sun 12-Apr-15 20:20:39

Well if she still has very visible blood in urine I'd definitely get her seen ASAP. Good luck

InSpaceNooneCanHearYouScream Mon 13-Apr-15 13:31:02

Any news OP?

Millionairerow Mon 13-Apr-15 22:53:25

Trying different antibiotic, nitrofurantoin. But pharmacy out of it (live in the stix). So still on trimethoprim until tomorrow. Another sample tomorrow. If doesn't cleAr, will refer to ped. But right now, try drug no 2.

InSpaceNooneCanHearYouScream Tue 14-Apr-15 08:40:23

Hope she gets better soon

Mummytogoldie Wed 15-Apr-15 03:50:52

My dd has had numerous uti's and has never had visible blood in the urine, I would be taking back to the doctors . Hope lo is ok x

Millionairerow Wed 15-Apr-15 22:45:52

Yes I can understand. I have had only one UTI in my life when I was pg and I had dark cloudy urine but did not pee blood! Surprise was dd was symptomless. She has been on nitrofuratoin for 2 days but the drug is colours urine anyway so can't tell if pee still brown or brown naturally from the drugs! I need to relax as she's well in herself. Just blood in pee is not normal. I am a scientist and did pharmacology at urine so know what is right physiology!

topaszopal Wed 15-Apr-15 23:44:39

My DD has always taken Nitrofurantoin for her UTIs (she's had 8). I find that her urine is coloured bright yellow whilst on it but I know it's working because it's changed from horrible cloudy to crystal clear (I collect her urine, put in glass and hold up to light. I look for clarity and ignore yellow colour). Also, she starts to hold wee and no accidents. GP told me wait 24hrs after last dose to submit urine sample for checking as can interfere with analysis. Have your lab results come back confirming which antibiotic she should be on?

Millionairerow Thu 16-Apr-15 08:43:07

Hi no not yet. In fact, not sure what they were doing as said they needed a morning sample - gave that 2 days ago. We were away on hol when she had blood in pee and the sample we had was too old to analyse. The Dr was good but a locum covering Easter hols so bet there's no continuity of service. Still dd goes to Drs on mon to check her perforated eardrum has healed so I can ask then.

InSpaceNooneCanHearYouScream Thu 16-Apr-15 10:54:03

I agree Nitrofurantoin makes the urine bright yellow not brown. I would be inclined to take her back today in case this is not a uti at all, but a kidney issue for example. There should be some lab results back by now, or the surgery really have missed a trick

Millionairerow Thu 16-Apr-15 12:59:54

Ach it's a difficult one. The DR told me to stick with it and only take her back if she became unwell ie fever etc as she's fine in herself. Will take her tomorrow if the wee is still brown as normally a 3 day course should be enough (dr gave her 7 day course and she's taken 2 days worth.

InSpaceNooneCanHearYouScream Thu 16-Apr-15 21:47:18

Did the doctor actually see the colour of her wee though? Hope it improves .

Millionairerow Thu 16-Apr-15 22:11:16

Yes she did a dipstick but said she needed an am sample as all had gone to local hospital- but didn't get the red top tube so was a bit mmmmm. All I got was luckily no nitrites which she felt was positive

Millionairerow Sat 18-Apr-15 12:57:40

Well finally pee going lime green and clear. For info, that took day 4 of 7 day course. Hoping sample is fully clear when have it tested Monday. Thankfully she's demanding food which is good as shed lost 5 lb I realised.

InSpaceNooneCanHearYouScream Sat 18-Apr-15 13:52:46

Unusual to have bloody wee for so long and also to have lost weight- I would mention that to docs too. Hopefully she's on the mend though.

Millionairerow Sat 18-Apr-15 21:10:37

Spoke too soon. A bit cloudy this evening. It was really light and lime green this am. This normal? Smells fishy...yuk.

Mummytogoldie Sat 18-Apr-15 22:58:03

I have never known a uti to cause black or dark red urine, I would be inclined to take her to a and e x

InSpaceNooneCanHearYouScream Sat 18-Apr-15 23:30:52

Sorry but I agree- I've never seen wee look like that- I don't think that is just a simple uti. Not trying to scare you, and I'm not a doctor but I'd get that properly checked out

Millionairerow Sun 19-Apr-15 22:49:59

Thx for posts so far. Drs tomorrow. Know most have suggested a and e etc. my FIL is retired GP and agrees dd needs further exam but didnt see as an emergency if dd ok in herself. Urine today green for most of day - attached but still cloudy? Is this usual with nitrofurantoin? She pics v similar. Posting for info. Will ask gp to test dd urin.

InSpaceNooneCanHearYouScream Mon 20-Apr-15 11:00:37

It still looks v odd- as I said nitro usually makes it bright yellow but clear, not green/brown and cloudy. I don't think a and e necessary, but with the very strange and bloody urine and weight loss but no temp, I'd at least want her to ref to hosp today to see paed and have further tests. Good luck!

InSpaceNooneCanHearYouScream Mon 20-Apr-15 11:02:24

And show them the pics of the wee!

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