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Advice wanted on child's sensitive skin please

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SophBing Thu 09-Apr-15 08:13:56

Hi there , I just wondered what people might be using at bath time when they have a little one with sensitive skin (partic in terms of soaps/shampoo etc) thanks

BabyStone Thu 09-Apr-15 08:24:37

DS has eczema on parts of his body and general dry skin, we use E45 bathmilk or Oilatum bubble bath (can't remember exact name) These are the only things we have used that have not caused a flare up of dry skin/eczema. We also have Oilatum shampoo on prescription

birkiekid Thu 09-Apr-15 08:30:49

My dd has eczema and allergy prone sensitive skin. We use La Roche Posay products. Syndet, Surgras and in particular the oil one.

Laquila Thu 09-Apr-15 08:34:43

Never used La Roche Posay on my baby but I love their products for my skin.

We use the Earth-Friendly Baby bodywash (but only if he's particularly grubby - sometimes we just use water) and I have a brilliant cream called Allergenics (from my local health food shop) that I use on his face and for any patches of dry skin on his arms.

GobblersKnob Thu 09-Apr-15 08:37:19

Green People has always been my staple for ds, certainly it's the only sun cream he can use now.

Laquila Thu 09-Apr-15 09:30:54

I like Green People too but be warned their baby body lotion smells horrible - sort of petro-chemical! Ironically I think it's the fragrance-free one... I like their body washes though, and a little goes a long way.

SophBing Thu 09-Apr-15 11:20:38

Thanks so much everyone , much appreciated keep the advice coming !

FreeButtonBee Thu 09-Apr-15 11:25:24

DD (2yo) gets horrible eczema and the best bath stuff I've found it Eucerin Atocontrol Bath and Shower Oil. It foams slightly so but is very moisturizing.

For moisturizing, Double base Dayleve (not the normal DB, only this version). Amazing stuff. Once I've used up all the other body lotions I bought and tested on DD (about 3 million rejects), I will be buying this for my own skin as it is amazingly moisturising but not in the least bit sticky and has worked wonders on her skin.

birkiekid Thu 09-Apr-15 16:36:27

I like the sound of the Dayleve gel. Hadn't heard of it before. My dd has sensory issues and it is so difficult to find a moisturiser she will tolerate.

FreeButtonBee Thu 09-Apr-15 17:08:57

It's fab birkiekid, absolutely amazing. It was recommended to me by a Harley St dermatologist and it's not that expensive OOC. £12 for a massive 500g pump bottle. Sometimes you have to get pharmacies to order it in but most can get it overnight. You probably can also get it on prescription but I am happy enough to pay for it as we don't get through that much these days.

idleweiss Thu 09-Apr-15 22:30:07

For my DCs I have been using some of the Childs Farm range, as it is suitable for eczema prone skin. We use the body wash, bubble bath, shampoo & conditioner. My DDs love them in particular as they smell fruity and look fun. I have been using them too actually, as I have sensitive skin and get psoriasis.

SophBing Sun 12-Apr-15 19:59:32

Childs Farm was on offer so bought the bubble bath, shampoo and conditioner used the last two nights and really really liking it for them. Seems very good quality and non irritant. Again thanks for all the other recommendations , I now have several options!

Babymamamama Sun 12-Apr-15 20:02:45

Coming to this bit late but can recommend aveeno cream and bath oil. Got both on prescription for dd's sensitive skin and the eczema is much improved.

kirstygreer Mon 13-Apr-15 10:55:59

Cant recommend the Childs Farm products highly enough. We all use them as a family, as both myself, husband and daughters all suffer with eczema and sensitive skin. Their range of shampoo, conditioner, bubble bath, nappy cream, moisturiser etc are all SLS free (the stuff that usually sets off sensitive skin, smell greatt and last for ages! Def give them a go if you can xxx

flaterics Wed 15-Apr-15 15:27:02

I agree. My DS (3yo) had really dry sensitive skin as a baby and the doctor gave us petroleum products for the bath which I don't think are very natural and gentle and they smell horrible. For the last year or so I have now been using Childs Farm products - the Hair & Body Wash is brilliant and their Body Lotion is really good for any dry patches. I like the fact I can also use them on my other DS (1yo) as they're all safe for babies.

enchantedroseht Wed 29-Apr-15 13:36:32

Hi there,
I'd definitely recommend childs farm products too. my son and nephew both have eczema and there bubble bath and moisturiser have been great on their skin. It's not irritated it plus they smell lovely too smile

BlesedAndHappy Tue 05-May-15 13:46:26

Mama Stella does 100% natural products. Definitely worth a try.

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