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post viral fatigue

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dominate Wed 18-Feb-15 08:32:28

Hi everyone. My 4 yr old DS has just gotten over chickenpox. He had it 13 days ago and all the spots have scabbed over. He's not been back to school yet as its been half term.

Anyway he's been complaining of feeling ill (sore throat) and has had a temperature which comes and goes over the last few days and he's just zapped of his energy. So i took him to the doctors yesterday and was told the poor thing has another virus because his immune system is so low and that chicken pox just attacks the immune system and it so easy to pick other stuff up. He also says he has post viral fatigue because of the chickenpox. The doctor said to keep giving him calpol, keep him warm and rest up :-( Poor little thing is so down in the dumps, and i can't blame him.

Has anyone else experienced their child being ill straight after chickenpox? Is there anything i can give him to help him get better quickly and to help his energy? He already takes Haliborange Mr Men Immune Support vitamins, he eats plenty of fruit and veg, always there anything else i can do?

He's desperate to go back to school on Monday as he misses everyone so much :-( and i feel im letting him down because he just seems to be poorly all the time.


yomellamoHelly Wed 18-Feb-15 08:42:26

My eldest was like this. Not bothered by the cp at all. We just let him sleep when he needed to, fed him when he was hungry..... and he bounced back in his own time. Can't remember how long it took though.

dominate Wed 18-Feb-15 09:20:54

did he go to school while he was like it?

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