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New glasses and blurry distant vision!

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trandy04 Sun 15-Feb-15 17:04:47

Hi all, i posted a few months back as my 5 year old developed a squint after starting school (i received some great replies). After going round in circles she has finally been given glasses for the initial treatment, this is to get the eyes to work together again. We will go on to patching soon also, this should strengthen the vision in the now weaker eye. Sadly it looks like surgery for the actual squint itself.

My DD says that close up her glasses are good but when she looks in the distance its blurry. Is this an adjustment period? Its confusing because the glasses are for getting her eyes to work together rather than for vision atm. She has only had them for a week so far. My once confident girl is hiding behind her glasses and keeping her head low :-(

Chantelle9876 Sun 15-Feb-15 21:03:47

My daughters eye turned at 3 and a half she had glasses and patching and had to have surgery, the surgery corrected her eye but still turns without the glasses, it took a whole for my daughter to adjust to her glasses properly a month, she'll have to wear glasses forever now she was alittle nervous about wearing them at first but after a few months loved them and so did all her friends, if the blurry vision doesn't improve go back maybe the prescription is wrong

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