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Panicking slightly about 3mo getting vomiting bug

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TheToadLessTravelled Sun 15-Feb-15 03:47:48

Looking for some reassurance I guess. My preschooler has come down with a vomiting bug. He is coping like a champ but now my 3mo baby is showing signs of it. Sounds silly but vomiting freaks me out and the thought of my baby vomiting just gives me visions of him choking etc. Any one got advice on how to best handle a vomiting baby?

306235388 Sun 15-Feb-15 03:59:23

All you can do is ride it out and make sure they're not dehydrated. That's it really. Don't worry about them choking - remember they're only having liquids and that's all they'll bring up.

TheToadLessTravelled Sun 15-Feb-15 10:12:05

Hadnt thought about the fact he only has liquid to throw up, much less worried now. As it happens he doesn't seem to have got it, just a few sicky burps and grizzlyness (hope I haven't jinxed myself).

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