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Impetigo on 2 year olds face

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Narrowdog Wed 11-Feb-15 15:15:07

I wonder if anyone has been through similar or can advise. My 2.8 year old DS has always been prone to dribble rash, but after intensive Vaseline treatment for a couple of days, it tends to clear up. Before Christmas it looked like just that and out came the petroleum jelly... Well, it didn't quite shift and he then got a cold and when the weather turned chilly after Christmas day it seemed to get worse and started to spread. So I made an appointment with my GP who prescribed hydrocortisone cream. This made it much worse so I then got another appt with another GP who described fuciden cream. It helped a little but after 2 weeks it still was pretty red, although contained and not spreading. Back to the GP who said continue with the fuciden and prescribed oral antibiotics.

Now, a week in it still hasn't shifted, I hasten to add that giving the oral antibiotics hasn't gone down all that well with DS and he probably hasn't had the full dose that he should have, about 75% perhaps, due to spitting it out etc! I will try and make another appt tomorrow and explain all this to my doctor but I just wondered if any of you had experienced a very stubborn impetigo (GP diagnosis, but I'm not convinced as it doesn't look crusty but will go with that for now).

Thank you for reading! All advice and thoughts gratefully received!

BearFeet Wed 11-Feb-15 16:04:35

I had exactly the same thing with. The fucidin and hydrocortisone never made any difference. I kept going with thick Vaseline often and it eventually went. He was also diagnosed with impetigo which I was doubtful about.

GotToBeInItToWinIt Wed 11-Feb-15 16:17:45

My DD (15 months) has it currently and we're about 2 days into her oral antibiotics. It seems to be clearing up pretty quickly and the Dr said that would be the case so id be inclined to go back and see if it could be something else. We're using the cream as well but she just wipes it straight off so not sure it's making any difference!

GotToBeInItToWinIt Wed 11-Feb-15 16:18:34

Ooh I meant to say DD's doesn't look anything like pictures of impetigo online but I know we've had contact with it and the dr seemed pretty convinced.

Frusso Wed 11-Feb-15 16:21:54

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

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