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DD has had a cough since Sept

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calilark Tue 10-Feb-15 20:08:02

DD (19 months) has had a cough since September. literally that entire time. Its changed its form a couple of time, was bronchiolitis in Nov and ended up in hospital (but not admitted). Currently persistent and dry with a bit of a whistle, ans coughing every 30 secs or so, often to the point of being sick.

I know obviously she is feeling awful, isn't sleeping properly ever and looks shattered almost all the time, but this is slowly driving me insane. I wake every time she coughs at night, and spent evenings going up & down the stairs to rub her back every 15 mins when she coughs herself awake AGAIN.

Any advice or ideas? Can a cough really go on for this long without being sinister?

cakebaby Tue 10-Feb-15 21:05:44

Massive sympathies flowers my ds 17 months has been the same since Oct. Started nursery in September & constant cough & cold since. 2 chest infections, hospital admission, antibiotics....... Still cough & cold. Its so draining isn't it? Poor little mites must think they'll always feel like it.

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