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Constipation and soiling

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BillStickersIsInnocent Sun 08-Feb-15 17:24:39

I wonder if anyone can advise.

DD (just 5) came home from school last Wednesday complaining of a tummy ache and her bottom hurting. The pain got worse overnight so we assumed constipation, gave her apple juice, prunes, linseed etc. She eventually had a poo on Friday (in a lot of pain poor soul).

Since then though she's been soiling and wetting her pants every couple of hours. She says her bottom is confused and doesn't know whether it's a poo or not.

Obviously she isn't at school at the moment but I don't know whether I need to see a doctor. The pharmacist said to take her only if she hadn't had a poo in 5 days.

She's never had constipation before so all new to us.

Any advice very welcome.

Idefix Sun 08-Feb-15 17:41:23

Think a trip to gps or nurse practitioner might be worth considering.
The soiling and accidents might be a result of all the constipation remedies you tried working through her system.
Does dd have a regular time for having a poo? Is it when she is at school? Are there reasons stopping her from going when she gets the first urge - lots of children hold on if the urge occurs when they are at school.
If you do book an appt it might be worth taking a urine sample so they can rule out a uti - which can make things confused - the wetting and soiling may not be connected.
I would keep encouraging fluids in the meantime.
I hope things improve.

3littlefrogs Sun 08-Feb-15 17:45:16

You need to read the ERIC website carefully. (Google)

Then you will have the information you need to make a decision. She may have impaction with overflow. if this is the case, she will need long term specialised treatment.

Ignore the pharmacist in this instance.

BillStickersIsInnocent Sun 08-Feb-15 18:01:23

Thank you. I will have a look at that website frogs.

She doesn't have a regular time to go but has been regular iykwim. But perhaps starting school has thrown this out.

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