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Goopy Eyes and nursery

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Sarah2519 Sun 08-Feb-15 09:54:51

I am in a sticky situation.
My dd is 13 months and is on flucloxacillin for possible impetigo (awaiting swabs to confirm as doc isn't sure but as a child in her class had it they said it was possible) She went back to nursery on Friday after 48hrs on meds as per nursery policy (and she has no visible signs of it anymore) and when I picked her up she had goopy eyes.
She had conjunctivitis 3 weeks ago and got drops and was off nursery for 2 days until they were not as goopy as per their policy.
Well we went to docs and doc said that her eyes aren't red and the antibiotics she is currently on would be killing the bacteria so no drops can be prescribed. Her eyes only get goopy after sleeping or if she cries and only slightly but I don't know if nursery will take her without drops as one of the staff said that she can be in if she has drops.
What can I do? The doc won't give drops and says there's no reason she shouldn't be allowed to nursery but not sure if nursery will take her without drops (as far as I know they don't currently have an outbreak of it either)
Neither me or my husband can be off work tomorrow and mother in law would have to pull a sickie to look after her so really want her to be in nursery if she can be (doc says she is of no risk to others due to the antibiotics she is already on)


alexw Sun 08-Feb-15 10:13:33

Go to Boots, get some golden eye ointment or brolene cream and apply throughout today (as per box) and before bed. Used it on both my dds from younger than yours and on me too when necessary. Some branches can be fussy about giving it for children though. I have always said it's for me.
Such a pain when they can't go to nursery for something. Alternatively if you are breastfeeding you can use some milk squirted into eyes. Hth

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