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Stuttering in 3yo

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BallroomWithNoBalls Thu 05-Feb-15 20:45:52

DS is a sensitive and easily overwhelmed child. He copes well with nursery (he is 3 and goes for two full days) after the first few years at home with me. I have tried to socialise him as much as possible, but he is just quite quiet and sensitive and prefers focused quiet activities. He plays well with other children but gets very upset sometimes if it's very noisy and needs his own space. No additional needs known, I don't expect any kind of diagnosis, just painting a picture of my boy.

Just over the last week, he has started stuttering quite badly.

Any tips on how to handle it? I am going to talk to nursery too, but I suspect it's when he is tired and feeling like people aren't listening to him. I haven't drawn attention to it, I have said a couple of times 'take your time' with a smile and made it clear I am properly listening to him and that he doesn't need to rush.

I guess I'm hoping it will pass and it's just over tiredness or something - busy week.

Words of wisdom appreciated, thanks thanks

bobinks Thu 05-Feb-15 22:06:47

Hi Ballroom
Sounds like you are doing all the right things- developing confidence, letting him take his time, not making a deal of it, etc. My 4yo has a similar problem with stuttering that developed the same sort of age. I think lots of pre-schoolers do. It seemed to be a combination of still learning the words, mouth not keeping up with brain as well as lack of confidence. He is growing out of it rapidly, but he does still stutter a bit, gets a bit stuck mid sentence (especially the repeating of 'and') and also gets upset if he can't remember the word for something. He really benefited from nursery and is much more boisterous and resilient now in a group, so its great your LO is getting some nursery experience too.
You are right to keep an eye on it but I wouldn't worry just yet, it will probably pass in time and if it doesn't nursery or your HV should be able to point you in the direction for some help flowers

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