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3yo with chilblain

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Highlandbird Tue 03-Feb-15 19:18:17

My 3yo DS has what I'm pretty sure is a chilblain on his big toe, he has been complaining of cold feet when we have been out in the snow (we've had snow here a few weeks now) and we've been having a bath when we get it to warm up so I'm thinking that's probably what caused it? sad
I've never had them, no idea how to treat it or shall I just leave it alone? I'm assuming he doesn't need to see the doctor unless it looks infected?

dementedpixie Wed 04-Feb-15 14:35:51

are you sure it isnt a verruca?

Highlandbird Wed 04-Feb-15 18:07:47

I'm pretty sure, it's a purplish patch, looks too big for a verruca. What do you think?

Imnotaslimjim Wed 04-Feb-15 18:10:17

Looks like a chilblain. Not much to do except keep him warm so it doesn't get worse. They clear up after about a fortnight. Have you got him welly socks to keep his feet warmer?

SomewhereIBelong Wed 04-Feb-15 18:14:15

I had chilblains as a child - usually on the top of the toe, went red, swollen and bloody hurt....

under a toe would be more likely to be a welly rub...

If it is a chilblain, if it cracks or swells go see a doctor, otherwise find a way to keep it warm.

Highlandbird Wed 04-Feb-15 18:19:58

He does have welly socks but doesn't always wear them.....will make sure he does from now on. I should get him proper winter boots, kids wellies aren't great quality, mine have neoprene lining but his don't so probably not very well insulated.....and it's reeeeaaaaaally cold here just now. Will keep his feet warm and keep an eye on it, should it put any cream on? DH put sudocreme on last night.

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