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Need good specialist for 6 months old baby

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Rocabad Tue 03-Feb-15 08:55:29

Hi all, I am new in Milton Keynes and need a good baby specialist, he is 6 months old and was premature, having sensitive stomach, and asthma issues. He has been in the GP and has lots of meds long term with nasty secondary effects, including breathing issues, and not happy with this. Wanted a good specialist to get a full work out and revision of the meds he is on. Please any good recommendations in Milton Keynes? Don't mind the cost. Thank you so much!!

Lucked Tue 03-Feb-15 20:31:49

Has your GP referred you to a paediatrician? You are better going through the nhs as private paediatrics is a limited field with the majority of paediatricians not doing private work. Also it will be easier to access dietitians etc from within the NHS.

If at 6 months he in on long term medications then you need a paediatrician anyway. I presume it is breathing issues related to his prematurity as asthma would be a very unusual diagnosis for anyone but a respiratory paediatrician to make in anyone under 2.

See a local paediatrician first and take it from there.

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