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ibuprofen and chicken pox

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Misty9 Mon 26-Jan-15 19:25:42

Nhs website says not to give due to risk of complications. Pharmacist (well, young person at supermarket pharmacy ccounter) said it's fine. I'm not risking it for ds, who actually has chicken pox, but can I give dd, 9 months, some ibuprofen as she's miserable with teething but is obviously being exposed to the virus and will probably get it?

Does that make sense?! It's not much fun in our household at the moment...

gordonpym Tue 27-Jan-15 00:39:01

This is what you are risking
Do NOT give ibuprofen . Why would you want to take the risk of severe infections and complications.
Switch to paracetamol for teething or buy some local gel.

There is a huge difference between a pharmacist and a young person at the counter in a supermarket.

I know you are enduring some very hard days but put your DS in the bath with some oat and make some home-made ice lollies for your DD.

ChrisR77 Tue 18-Apr-17 11:22:51

NOT good - last night, despite us saying it was DEFINITELY chickenpox, NHS Direct advised that we give my 4yo daughter Nurfoen to reduce her 40C temp... and her chicken pox was a LOT worse than this boys':

3x more spots... focussed around her neck, ears, eyes, scalp...

The out of hours GP and A&E* doctors' faces just went grey when we said that was the advice, until we re-assured them that we HADN'T! She had rapidly accelerating localised skin infection, that would have VERY quickly turned to septicaemia with Nurofen.

ChrisR77 Tue 18-Apr-17 11:25:43

*(before I get flamed - we DIDN'T go to Paed'A&E directly - we were referred by the emergency GP and ushered straight into a secluded isolation room)

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