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3 year old with ouchy head!

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Tholeonagain Mon 26-Jan-15 12:57:46

DD (just 3) has said a couple of times in the last two days that her head is ouchy. She carries on as normal - not obviously bothered by it - and it is gone in a few moments. She is otherwise well aside from a minor cough. I'm worried because I read small children don't usually get headaches. I am taking her to the GP tomorrow but not sure if they will do anything except tell me to keep an eye on it. Any experience/ advice? I am a bit over obsessed with brain tumours so this is making me a bit bananas...

MrsTawdry Mon 26-Jan-15 20:51:13

Get her eyes tested perhaps?

PJ67 Mon 26-Jan-15 23:39:03

Hi. My 5 yr old ds had this for a while last year. He would say his head was sore but then carry on as normal. I wondered if it was shooting type pains rather than a headache. Make sure she's drinking well and never too hungry. We went to the doctor a few times but it just seemed to improve and he hardly mentions it now. My ds's friend had a sleevover recently and said at one point he had a sore head but carried on playing so maybe it's not so uncommon.

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