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diarrhoea for over a week

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Blamenargles Mon 19-Jan-15 17:05:55

DS is 25 weeks started with diarrhoea last sunday was sick monday, but he still has diarrhoea now.

Every time he has a feed it more or less comes straight out and hes leaking no matter what nappies I use.

its really driving me insane now he well in himself.

is this normal for this long

OutragedFromLeeds Tue 20-Jan-15 01:41:33

NHS advice is;

Contact your GP or health visitor urgently for advice if your baby has passed six or more diarrhoeal stools in the past 24 hours, or if your baby has vomited three times or more in the past 24 hours.

They also say contact your GP if;

your child has diarrhoea that's particularly watery, has blood in it or lasts for longer than two or three days (that's for children not babies, but I imagine similar advice applies).

ehospital Tue 20-Jan-15 17:32:49

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

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