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Is it time to have tonsils out?

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lovessummer Sat 17-Jan-15 19:35:17

My dt’s have both had recurrent tonsillitis since they were about 2. They are now nearly 7. There was one year when one had it 12 times in the year. But it has improved since then. Over the past few years they have had about 3-4 bouts a year. There may have been one year when they only had it a couple of times. But it seems to have got worse again this year. Over the past 12 months, one has had it about 5 times with the past two bouts being less than a month apart and missing several days of school each time. They are then very tearful and lacking in energy for a week or two after. In between bouts they often have times when they complain of sore tummies (which they complain of when they have tonsillitis) and they seem run down and may have a spot or two on their tonsils but it doesn’t seem to develop into anything. There are times when we have had to cancel things just because although they are not ill they have no energy. So all of that would indicate they need them out. The flip side is that they are generally alert, achieving good results at school, full of energy when they are well. They sleep well, eat well and are generally happy little fellows. And nobody wants to put their child through an operation if they don’t need it. They are under a consultant but he’s not very interested in them really. They have another appointment in March and I want to go in as prepared as possible. So is there anything else I should be doing, and has anyone else been in a similar situation- and if so, what happened? Any advice/info gratefully received

morethanpotatoprints Sat 17-Jan-15 19:40:39

Hello OP, my dd gets tonsillitis not as ften as your dc but each time we register it with out gp, as he suggested. So even if it doesn't need abs we go anyway. DD is a singer so this is why we go each time and were told if she had it more than twice in 18 months they would consider taking them out.
I'm sure this must apply to you, what has your gp said?
i can understand why a consultant you are seeing for something else? wouldn't be bothered about this, but he/she should surely ask you to get checked by gp or other specialist.
I would go down the route of your gp, if I were you.

lovessummer Sat 17-Jan-15 19:57:09

Thanks Morethan, the consultant is an ENT consultant specifically because of the tonsils, but he is really disinterested and most of the time doesn't even look in their throat. He isn't bothered about the impact on their lives. So I oscillate between thinking maybe I shouldn't worry as he isn't concerned but then wondering if I should push it more or get a second opinion. I don't take them to the GP anymore when they have a bout as I hated them being on endless bottles of ab's when it didn't make any difference. I did speak about it to the GP a few months ago though and he said the consultant won't be concerned if they aren't missing school. (as several of their previous bouts had been in the school holidays so they had a really good attendance rate but spent all the holidays in bed!). since then though they have missed school twice

lovessummer Mon 19-Jan-15 13:31:59

Would be interested in hearing any other experiences?

bookwormbeagle Mon 19-Jan-15 22:08:07

Hi Summer, my DD had her tonsils and adenoids removed at age 2.4 after having persistent tonsilitis since she was wee.

Can honestly say it was the best thing we did for her health wise, as she just looked so run down all the time in the run up to the op.

This was in 2011 and we were very lucky to have an understanding GP who was happy to give us a referral to the hospital ENT consultant. At the time to be eligible for the op you needed to have had a min of 8 cases of tonsilitis throughout the year, although the criteria may well have changed now. Timescale from consultant aptmt to operation was about 5/6 weeks.

The op itself went very well, done under general anaesthetic and out by teatime. The recovery was awful and she was in a lot of pain, was truly horrible to watch but as long as we kept on top of the pain relief she was ok, and by day 5 she was almost back to normal. 2 week absence from school/nursery is the norm.

Good luck smile

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