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Infected cut on finger

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neolara Wed 14-Jan-15 18:16:27

My 10yo dd cut on the tip of her finger slightly on something. Yesterday, she said it was very tender. Tonight she has shown it to me and the whole finger pad looks like it is covered in a blister. She says its sore if she presses it very slightly.

Any ideas what I should do? Leave it and it will go away? Take her to the GP? Am rubbish at making these kinds of decisions.

Lifesalemon Wed 14-Jan-15 19:06:53

You could try putting some antiseptic cream on and covering it with a dressing overnight. If there's anything in there it may help draw it out. It always works for me with splinters.

Olivo Wed 14-Jan-15 20:28:42

My dd had this a week or two ago. I gently pressed it and some Pus came out. I sprayed a savlon spray on it twice a day and covered with plasters and it healed in a couple of days.

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