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Recurrent UTI in 6 year old DD, what else can we do

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soupmaker Tue 13-Jan-15 12:42:50

DD1 has a long history of constipation and wetting due to withholding and an irritable bladder. This is all managed with various medications and she's been doing really well recently. Still in pull-ups at night.

She's now had 3 UTI since mid-October. She was screaming in pain at 11pm last night trying to do a wee. It was just awful for her.

Been to GP today and got yet another load of antibiotics. Which will no doubt lead to another dose of thrush for her.

We have a hospital appointment next week.

DD1 drinks at least a litre of water at school every day and more drinks at home. She does the double wee at night to try and ensure she goes to bed with an empty bladder and we encourage her to count to 20 and try again when she goes for a wee.

Anything else we can do to help? It's heartbreaking seeing her so scared of weeing and in pain.

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