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DS (almost 7) needs 2 teeth removed.

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FruitCakey Thu 08-Jan-15 17:29:30

DS has very weak teeth but lately has suffered with decaying molars. sad

He has started complaining of tooth ache every now and again, but much more so lately.

We saw the dentist this morning. The dentist has referred him and has said that he'd prefer that DS had them removed. (Only two teeth)

Does anyone have any experience with regards to a young child having teeth removed? Will they give him gas or an injection? Will it traumatise him? I am worrying. Any advice will be very grateful. Thank you.

NetballHoop Thu 08-Jan-15 17:42:41

DS1 had two (adult) teeth removed aged 9 (too many for the size of his jaw). It was an injection.

He was quite groggy afterwards but was back to himself within two days.

It helped that we know the dentist as a friend. She insisted that we should NOT be there while it was done as "parents are MUCH worse than their children with dentists". That, and a "roll-over performance bonus" from the tooth fairy, made sure he coped well.

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