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Help scarlet fever

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lozwil Thu 08-Jan-15 14:28:10

I started with a rash on sat evening and went to the Dr's on Sunday - I was lucky enough to get an ooh appointment she told me I had tonsillitis and gave me 10 days worth of a antibiotics. The rash wasn't any better today so went to my gp and explained she said "well that's odd but I have a note from ooh service and is says she thought it was scarletina". My 4yo went to school today with a sore throat which I didn't think anything of at the time now I'm terrified he has sf shoul I wait to see if he develops a rash or just assume he has it and make him a Dr's appointment - am I just panicking ???????

FruitCakey Thu 08-Jan-15 17:35:12

Please don't panic. DS had SF twice in 2013. He was only 4.

I would wait it out and see whether anything comes from it, there's a chance nothing will come from it and unless there's more definitive proof that your DS has it, there's nothing they can do now anyway.

SF isn't very nice at all, so I certainly sympathise with you. I hope nothing comes from it with regards to your son and that you get better soon.

DeWee Thu 08-Jan-15 18:04:29

Mine went through scarlet fever (aged 3yo and 6yo) no worse than a standard sore throat.

There is some thought that scarlet fever has mutated since it was such a killer before penicillin and now is nothing like as bad as it was back then.

I wouldn't assume he has it unless he starts the rash. It's very distinctive, just like sandpaper, but doesn't always go very red either, which you kind of expect it to from the name.

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