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Weaning off omeprazole at 9months?

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ilovetosleep Thu 08-Jan-15 13:48:39

Hi, hope someone has even through similar and can help.

My DS had significant silent reflux and started on ranitidine at 3 months and when that stopped being effective we moved to omeprazole at 6 months, the paed was reluctant to prescribe but it worked. 10mg per day which is a middle ish dose I think. However the paed was more convinced his reflux was a result of intolerances and we both (BF) have been wheat, dairy, soy and egg free since then. Things have improved enormously and he has been more settled than ever bar the sleepless nights.

The paed wanted to wean off omeprazole ASAP because it can worsen allergies, and because things have been going well we were a bit blasé about reducing dose to 5 mg per day. Things were fine for about a week but I think things have been getting gradually worse. He is fighting bf again, wriggling and squirming throughout a feed and struggling to fall asleep feeding which is the only way he knows how! And he's very restless in his sleep.

The thing is I take omeprazole myself and I know that the effects are pretty immediate, so I'm not sure if it's even possible for him to see these effects more than a week after halving the dose? I don't know what to do really, on the one hand we really don't want him to be on the meds but I really don't want to go back to the days of feeding aversion and a baby in agony.

Has anyone been through this, should I up the dose and wait a while or persevere? Everyone around me seems quite keen to get him off the meds.

Thanks in advance.

ilovetosleep Thu 08-Jan-15 22:08:07


bakingtins Thu 08-Jan-15 23:00:49

IME you get terrible rebound acid production when trying to wean off Omeprazole. Ds2 was on it from 4-16m. We'd had several previous attempts to get him off it halving the dose and every time after a few days he was terrible. Had some advice from posters on the Little Refluxers forum who had actually done it ( rather than paeds blithely saying just halve the dose) and got him off very gradually over about 8 weeks in increments of 2.5mg, reducing the dose every fortnight from 10mg down to zero. Bit of faffing about cutting up tablets and still a noticeable unsettled period every time,but nothing we couldn't ride out. I know of people who had to do it 1mg at a time.

ilovetosleep Fri 09-Jan-15 22:45:11

Thanks for the reply.i don't know what to do now but what you've said makes sense. If it is 'rebound' acid production, will it tail off soon? It's been 2 weeks since we halved the dose. we had a hell of a night last night where he woke and fed every two hours but an hour after each feed he woke crying in pain. But easily settled. Feeds are very stressful with him flailing around everywhere but he doesn't cry, he's just very uncomfortable I think. During the day he is clingier than ever, and this evening he's woken already 3 times with a yelp, and some coughing and congestion. But, if this is a peak and it will improve then I'm loath to increase the dose back up.

He doesn't sleep well at te best of times and barely eats anything in the way of solids. Wend hoped to be able to start some sort of gentle sleep training but there's no way I'm going there if I'm in any doubt he's not in pain.

How long would you give it before going back up to 10mg?

bakingtins Fri 09-Jan-15 22:49:45

Don't know sorry, DS was so terrible when we halved the dose we put it straight back up. The pattern on smaller increments seemed to be ok for 3-4 days, uncomfortable for 3-4 days, then we'd wait for a week to let things settle before dropping again. If you've done a fortnight and it's still awful I'd go back up, either he's not ready to cope with a lower dose at all, or he can't cope with a 5mg drop in one go.

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