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Mystery itching, any ideas?

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docmcfluffins Wed 07-Jan-15 21:13:27

Hi, am hoping that maybe one of you has come across this before and can maybe help solve this puzzle,

My 5 yr old daughter starting complaining she was itchy about 7 weeks ago, she was literally scratching her arms and legs so hard she was tearing the skin, she says her back and tummy are really itchy too.
She is an extremely picky eater so there has definitely been no new foods introduced to her diet to cause a reaction, no new washing powders or shampoos etc either.
No other children in her class are itching nor is her sibling or myself and dh
Other than her being ridiculously itchy she is in perfect health so brought her to chemist first and tried a few different creams with no success. Also tried oats baths which took the edge off it a bit but not for very long.
We then took her to gp who is as stumped as we are, she suggested treating for scabies which we did, treating for worms which we did, she has prescribed steriods creams and antihistamines which are having no effect sad.
Her poor scalp has now started to itch and she has actually made it bleed she us scratching it that hard. She was back at doc today and is now starting a course of oral steriods and is back in Friday for blood tests.

sorry this is so long, wanted to get in as much detail as possible, hoping some of you may have come across this before or may have some suggestions or ideas

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