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JaneAHersey Wed 07-Jan-15 15:42:51

I was interested in these articles on the MN home page but was mystified as to why there was no opportunity for discussion. Perhaps I'm a little naïve having only been on this site for a few months.

It was reported this morning by the BBC that school's are struggling with children self harming. Local authority cuts mean that many support system to schools have been and are being lost.

I also read recently that there is a 40% increase in youngsters self harming because of poverty since this government came to power. I would like to see this discussed more extensively on Mumsnet our children and young people should expect adults and those in a position of authority to challenge changes that ultimately may lead to lifelong trauma for children and youngsters. We should also be challenging why we have a government that has such an ignorant disregard for the lives of ordinary children and young people.

CaulkheadUpNorth Wed 07-Jan-15 15:46:26

There is a children's mental health page...

CaulkheadUpNorth Wed 07-Jan-15 15:47:27

I also think you are incredibly naive to believe the increase in self-harming is due to the poverty from this current government.

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