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Concerns over creating a healthy nursery space

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Summerhill9 Tue 06-Jan-15 22:31:24

I am a mum-to-be, my baby is due in April. Perhaps this question is better suited to a DIY site, but I am really worried about the room that we are planning on using as a nursery. It was initially the 'mancave' of our two bedroom flat, my husband used to smoke quite heavily in there. He hasn't smoked indoors for about 2 years, but the smell/smoke lingers. We are doing serious redecorating - ripping up the carpets, applying chemical cleaners to the walls and ceiling before sealing them and repainting. My worry is 'is this enough'? This is the mothering concern that is keeping me up at night. Am I being paranoid and silly, and do have germ-phobic tendencies. I am concerned that I am putting my baby at risk of third-hand smoke from the room's history. I also intend to buy an air purifier - something I would probably do regardless of this problem. Any comments would be appreciated, many thanks!

minipie Tue 06-Jan-15 22:40:07

I think if all carpets and other fabrics have been replaced, and you've repainted all walls and woodwork, it should be fine.

Does he still smoke outdoors? if so, do make sure he changes his clothes and washes hands etc before handling the baby. I'd be more worried about that than the room given the refurb you're doing.

Summerhill9 Tue 06-Jan-15 22:45:54

Thanks minipie. Definitely replacing all fabrics - taking the room back to a shell and starting again.
At present he is still smoking outside - but is done to around 2-3 a day after coming down from 40. Was going to be smoke free from NYE but didn't go to plan (and is a bone of contention). Vows to have given up well and truly before the end of the month. A terrible addiction!

minipie Wed 07-Jan-15 11:30:34

Best of luck to him Summer! If he does manage to give up fully, he'll want to get his coats etc cleaned before the baby arrives (sure you have thought of that though).

UriGeller Wed 07-Jan-15 11:45:01

Are you worried aout the chemical cleaners you'll be using during your pregnancy? I'd be more worried about that and checking they are safe than lingering cigarette smells (although I find cigarette smells really disgusting). well done to your DH for cutting down.

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