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Cranial osteopath

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alwaysabattle Tue 06-Jan-15 19:11:34

hi everybody. i've never really posted before, but i am looking for abit of advice if possible. I have been recommended to try seeing a cranial osteopath for my ds 2.6. i was just woundering if any of you lovely mums have tried one with your dc and what your experiences were. Good or bad i would really like to hear your experiences and have your advice on this.
Thankyou in advance for any replies smile

alwaysabattle Tue 06-Jan-15 19:40:02

im not sure if i have posted this in the right place confused

atonofwashing Tue 06-Jan-15 20:37:19

Hello, I have no idea if you've posted in the right place, but I can tell you of the C O we got for our ds.
He's 8 now, so quite a few years back when he was 6 weeks old I bought a course of about 6 -8 weeks worth of C O.

The lady who took our NCT classes raved on about it, and it caught my attention. Ds was always screaming, and I suppose as a new mum, I panicked, and thought there was something wrong and that C O might help. I think it helped. He's a great sleeper, never has a headache, ear ache and is rarely - never- off school with an infection. he was also never bothered by his teeth coming thru. My layman's knowledge of the topic led me to believe that in gently manipulating the skull plates (to where they should be ?), we were removing any pressure that might in the long run potentially cause some issues. it was also wonderfully relaxing for him.

So, in short I am glad I did it. Of course your ds is a bit older, so there may be other benefits now he's older.

why did someone recommend a C O? does he suffer from any other the issues I mentioned above?

HTH xx

alwaysabattle Tue 06-Jan-15 21:01:12

hi thanks for your reply [smile
yes he has suffered with constant ear infections since birth. he has had grommets fitted but still gets constant ear infections. there is also concerns he may be autistic. i feel abit like i am drip feeding but there is so much going on i would need multiple threads .

alwaysabattle Tue 06-Jan-15 21:02:44

sorry also is a terrible sleeper im a very sleep deprived mummy lol

BMO Tue 06-Jan-15 21:04:08

Cranial osteopathy isn't evidence based (it's woo basically). It's not actually possible to shift skull plates about, and COs claim to be able to sense a rhythm in the head.

LynetteScavo Tue 06-Jan-15 21:22:47

There will be loads of posters telling you it's personal experience is that it worked very well for my DC. Money well spent IMO, and I really don't do woo, and am very tight with my money. grin

Pengyquin Tue 06-Jan-15 21:25:53

Working miracles for my baby

BMO Tue 06-Jan-15 21:30:15

I'm sure people say exactly the same about amber necklaces and homeopathy all the other woo Lynette grin

Faffyduck Tue 06-Jan-15 21:31:18

Know nothing about it, but very interested.

I suffer from crippling anxiety at times, and the idea that I could do anything that might give my child less risk of illness which doesn't have the need to balance the risks on the other side like for instance is necessary with vaccines - is rather attractive.

Not fussed if anyone thinks something is woo if it might help my child or alleviate anxiety. If the only risk is financial or finding out iv been mugged off later on - Id be happy to give it a go.

atonofwashing Tue 06-Jan-15 21:32:34

Poor you and ds.
It's a complimentary therapy, maybe worth a bit more research from you.
good luck.

alwaysabattle Wed 07-Jan-15 06:38:43

Hi everyone thankyou so much for your replies. Yes a lot of people i have spoke to have said it's a woo, and to be fair I am quite sceptical myself. Thought if I posted on here I may get a wider range of perspectives and some of people who have tried this. He's my 2nd dc and everything has bn a battle since day 1. Yet he is such a happy lovely little chap. Also wounder If anyone could help point me to where best to post about early signs of autism need some support on this. Thanks

HoggleHoggle Wed 07-Jan-15 06:44:23

I did it for my screaming ds from about 3 weeks. He had a pretty traumatic birth and the theory was he was stressed from that and was too tense. I wouldn't say it worked wonders, only time improved things, but he enjoyed it and I'm glad I gave it a go.

alwaysabattle Wed 07-Jan-15 07:24:32

Thanks hoggle. We had a normal delivery etc so kind of woundering how this could help us, but also think anything is worth a try in the grand scheme of things. Just wanted as much information as possible because going to have to travell quite far to try it

SockPinchingMonster Wed 07-Jan-15 09:44:56

We have been taking our 6 year old dd to a cranial osteopath for the past 18 months. She was diagnosed with glue ear and dh wasn't happy with the idea of her going under a general anaesthetic to have grommets fitted so we thought we'd give CO a shot. The lady that does it pumps her ears, rubs down certain muscles in her face/ neck to get the fluid moving about - then puts her hands on her skull and gently manipulates it for a while. To be honest the first time she had it done I wondered why on earth we were paying so much money for someone to sit and hold her head ( because it didn't look like she was doing much other than that ) - but the day after the first session my dd was really poorly with a heavy cold, stomach ache, and a very strange ( horrible ) smell about her. I think whatever the CO did actually worked and all the built up fluid in her ears was draining. My dd's hearing improved massively, and a couple of days before she was due her grommet op she had a hearing test which came back normal so grommets were cancelled. I'm not certain if it was the CO that made the difference but considering she'd had 3 hearing tests previously which showed that her hearing was way down, there must be a good chance that it was the CO that improved her hearing.

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