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Teething and biting help!

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Betsy1925 Tue 06-Jan-15 09:36:17

Hi my little boy is 11 months old. He already has 7 teeth and the only bother we had previously is when the 4 on top all came in at once.

He's defintely teething again but I cannot find the tooth as he bites. But he's biting my nipple hard during feeding, he crawls upto people and bites their legs and he bites his dads chest and arms. I know he's suffering he's biting anything he can get to, the settee, toys, his pushchair. I use anbesol liquid which helps but he bites so hard on my finger he's bruised and broken the skin. That's fine as it helps him. Is this normal to bite like this and people? I've tried a firm no, remove him from the breast. But it makes no difference he just wants relief.

So is there anything you can suggest to discourage it? Is it a phase? It's really starting to over shadow the joy of breast feeding now as I flinch when he latches incase he bites. He's never been a biter before with his teething or bit me when breast feeding even with all his teeth.

Should also say he currently has bronchiolitis so has been quite poorly, could this be making it worse?

Any suggestions or just reassurance its a normal phase? I'm worried about him biting people. It's not a bite meant to hurt he's chewing everything for relief.

Betsy1925 Tue 06-Jan-15 09:44:16

Should say it's not people's skin it's the fabric he's biting (excluding my nipple!)

Betsy1925 Thu 08-Jan-15 18:56:22


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