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Childrens milk tooth extraction

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mdpis3 Tue 06-Jan-15 06:07:53

Please tell me your experiences of milk teeth extraction...

Did you opt for sedation? Require a referral to hospital? Decide that your DC would be ok with local anaesthetic only? Did your DC have a smaller front tooth removed or a larger back molar? Once removed was recover just like when a tooth falls out of it's own accord?

I have a DD with cerebral palsy and autism with an abscess and now she has to have her two bottom back molars removed. She is 6.5yrs. Because of her additional needs there will obviously be other things to consider but in general I'm just looking for your thoughts on which type of extraction worked for you and how your DC did with the procedure. I've heard so many horror stories about inhalation gas and as we already have extensive brain damage it is safe to say that I am terrified of any type of anaesthetic (she's had a few) in case of yet more complications sad She is currently on antibiotics and a decision will be made in 5 days on how to proceed with the extraction so here I am, on MN, looking for input and hand holding. Please sad

Theweek Tue 06-Jan-15 06:49:30

Please try not to worry.
Your daughter will be treated by a dental team who do tonnes of extractions. I have done lots in the past and it takes seconds.
If appropriate, she can be treated using inhalation sedation, basically 'gas and air' but it may need 2 visits and she has to be able to cooperate.
It may be better and easier for her to have a very quick GA, lasting minutes, and quickly whip the two teeth out. It is not a prolonged anaesthesia, mask on face for minutes, literally, removed straight after procedure.
Recovery afterwards, her mouth will be a little sore but it should be entirely manageable with calpol/ ibuprofen if you are able to use these.
Hope someone who works currently in Special Care dentistry will be along soon to reassure you.

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