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21 month old trapped finger in door

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TwoToFive Mon 05-Jan-15 16:22:03

And now has chipped a bone in her finger. She is currently very miserable! She's not sleeping very well so that could be adding to the grumpiness.

Has anyone else's toddler had a similar injury? How long did it take them to recover? Did they cope ok with it?

whatswrongnow Tue 06-Jan-15 22:10:21

Hi my older dd shut the door on younger dd's finger. It looked terrible , worse the next dayconfused Saying that,there was very little the hospital could other the then strap it to her other finger and advise calpol when needed. It took about 4-6 week for it to fully heal smile

Tzibeleh Tue 06-Jan-15 22:28:25

Exactly the same at exactly the same age.

It took a very long time to heal - basically remained bandaged until the old nail dropped off - but barely seemed to affect dd at all.

I had to change the bandages every night. Gauze + bandage on injured finger, strap to the fingers on either side, then a tube bandage over her whole hand, twisted round and doubled back over her hand, and taped at the wrist. Over that she wore a sock. I kept a supply of socks in my bag and changed them throughout the day. Believe it or not, the little thing was swimming in the sea and digging on the sand within 48h of the injury! Hospital said that seawater was fine, but to avoid chlorinated pools until the skin was completely healed.

Changing the dressings was very distressing. For all of us. I used to change them after the bath, to be sure that any scans would have soaked away and the dressing would not be stuck to her finger. But she still fought and cried. I think she was probably more frightened of remembered pain, than actually in pain. But, truly and honestly, within 24h after the injury, that was the only distress she showed at all.

This happened 10y ago, and you cannot tell now. Her finger is perfect.

Hope your LO recovers well, too.

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