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Pneumonia in children

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Alijane46 Sun 04-Jan-15 22:29:56

Hi there, I need some advice regarding my ten year old son who was diagnosed with pneumonia five weeks ago. He was prescribed antibiotics initially which helped with his breathing returning to a normal rate and helped him to feel a little better, he ran a fever, had rapid breathing and was very hard to wake on the day we called the GP.

Since then he has been extremely lethargic and tired, has had very little appetite and has basically spent five weeks just lying around with little interest or energy for anything. He has been sleeping for 11/12 hours each night which is very unusual for him.

He has been back to the doctors three times, has had good test which thankfully are all clear and is now on his second course of anti Bs as his chest was still a little crackly. He has also been for a chest X-ray and we are awaiting the results.

The past week I have insisted we try a little exercise each day, a small walk to the shops is about all he can manage.

School starts again on Tuesday and having missed three weeks prior to Xmas I have told him he will be going back to school for a few hours each day.

I just need reassurance that post pneumonic fatigue is normal and will eventually go and that I'm doing the right thing by sending him to school albeit for a few hours (I need to confirm this arrangement with school tomorrow).

I feel he needs to start living in the real world again and not his stay at home sick world but appreciate he is still along way from being well and fully recovered.

Any experience or tips would be greatly received.


Gabriola Sun 04-Jan-15 22:35:54

ds had pneumonia at age 2 and was very sick. Hospitalised for 3 weeks, on ventilator for 3 days, chest drain etc.

It took three months for him to completely recover.

dd also suffered post-viral fatigue after chicken pox which lasted for about 2 months, mostly in the summer holidays. I felt that getting back to school and into a routine helped.

I hope someone comes along with a more similar and relevant comparison for you. flowers for you both.

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