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Snot stuck up there!! Help!

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BabyMum1 Sun 04-Jan-15 14:37:21

Hey ladies, my 15 wk DS has had a persistent cold for the last 8 weeks!!! Actually he doesn't have any cold symptoms other than snot and that's only in the night!! He ends up waking up every hour cause he can't breath from the snot, so I end up trying to put saline in and try to suck some snot out with the nose sucker... But no luck!!! I haven't slept for more than an hour at a time and more than 3 hours overall since he was born is September!!
I've tried everything ! Saline, vicks, olbas, nose sucker, cold/hot air humidifier, everything and the worse is that the snot is stuck high up and doesn't come out !!!! It only comes out when he sneezes but that's rare!

Any help and ideas are extremely appreciated!!!!!

Blankiefan Sun 04-Jan-15 22:08:20

What type of nose sucker have you used? The bulb type you squeeze or the tube you suck on?

Reekypear Sun 04-Jan-15 22:11:07

Sounds like an allergy to me.

debbriana Sun 04-Jan-15 22:19:39

Some mothers suck out using their mouth. It won't kill you. Make sure you spit it out.

debbriana Sun 04-Jan-15 22:23:08

With the nasal spry make sure they sneeze. It shows that it's working. Make sure to keep the head down to make sure the spray gets through. Other than that I can't think of other ways to hell you apart from letting your gp knows.

debbriana Sun 04-Jan-15 22:24:48

Make sure they are warm enough. They may be cold. My daughter gets affected or made worse when she is not warm enough,

3bunnies Sun 04-Jan-15 22:27:12

Two of my dc had this with cows milk protein intolerance. Has he had any change of milk in the past 8 weeks?

BabyMum1 Mon 05-Jan-15 08:58:42

Ladies thank you soooo much for ur replies!

Blankiefan I use the tube you suck on

Reekypear do you mean environmental allergy or food related? I cleaned his bedroom yesterday and took all soft toys out but no luck... Mind u I left a pile of clothes in, should I remove them?

Debrianna how can I get him to sneeze??? So ahould the head be down? Cause I was told that it should be up and back???

3hunniesni was on a total elimination diet for a while as he had reflux and I brought everything back two weeks ago as he seemed to be ok? I wonder though if that's the problem now!!! I ll stop the top 8 again from now to see if there is any difference!!

3bunnies Mon 05-Jan-15 09:46:44

With my two I needed to cut out all dairy and soya traces in my diet and even then they weren't snuffle free, but better.

They are all at school now, the older of the ones badly affected could have soya and some dairy by the time she started school, she's still not keen on it though. The younger one was guzzling all milk by the time he was three and loves it. Weaning was challenging (no milk, soya, potato, wheat, rice, oats) so not much baby led weaning for us but it didn't last long and by 18 months we managed to introduce most things other than milk. It is tough at the time though, ask for a referral to paediatricians and dietitian. flowers

BabyMum1 Mon 05-Jan-15 14:11:35

Oh God I thought we were over these reflux/allergy cr*p!
Ok will start the elimination diet again- desperate to get some sleep
Many thanks !!!!

3bunnies Mon 05-Jan-15 15:32:47

It might not be that but worth a shot. If it works though do make sure that you get some professional help too.

BabyMum1 Mon 05-Jan-15 16:25:28

Yes definitely will do! xxxx

Lazymummy2014 Mon 05-Jan-15 16:31:44

If it's just a lingering snotty cold I'd suggest a vacuum aspirator - I think mine is called a baby vac - basically it attaches to the hoover! Sounds harsh but it gets it out in seconds.

Reekypear Mon 05-Jan-15 17:02:24

Yes, go Dow the allergy route. Check your house for black mould, like the stuff you get in bathrooms. Don't spray perfumes or that stuff around your DC. My kids go bonkers in we have painting, new carpets, cheese etc.

Jackiebrambles Mon 05-Jan-15 17:04:53

Could you run the shower uber hot and get the bathroom all steamy and then sit in there with dc to see if it will all stream out?

BabyMum1 Mon 05-Jan-15 20:59:45

Jackie I've tried that but unfortunately nothing! Bloody snot driving me mad!

Lazymummy thank u!! Never heard of this before, googling it now!!!

Reekypear thanks lovely, u made me think now about all the stuff I'm using around the house!!

debbriana Mon 05-Jan-15 22:06:57

The way I meant would be in a breast feeding position for about two minutes. I don't remember which nasal spray or drops had that. It's to give it time to get through. The advice they always give is that if you think it's persistent see a doctor.

debbriana Mon 05-Jan-15 22:08:45

Do they go to baby groups? My dd used to catch a cold every week from play groups. There is not much you can of about that.

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