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Do all babies suffer with teething pain?

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Bellyrub1980 Sun 04-Jan-15 10:46:27

Or do some get away with it?

Pico2 Sun 04-Jan-15 10:48:01

My DD never seemed to have it and my DM doesn't believe in it, so I assume that our family haven't suffered from it much.

mrsnec Sun 04-Jan-15 10:59:04

I asked my pediatrician this the other day and she said yes but like adults babies have different pain thresholds so there's no telling how bad it'll be or how long it will last it's to do with their individual tolerance of pain so she told us calpol or gels may or may not work. Vague but I suppose it makes sense!

GotToBeInItToWinIt Sun 04-Jan-15 11:18:44

DD only seems to suffer quite mildly, her first teeth came through without us even noticing (until I put my finger in her mouth and she bit it!). Subsequent teeth have had a bit of whinging but nothing major.

coniferssilhouette Sun 04-Jan-15 16:55:50

My DS gets a red cheek but doesn't seem too bothered by it. I'm one of six and none of us had any real trouble either.

Willdoitinaminute Tue 06-Jan-15 16:30:50

DS didn't have any teething problems. They pick up lots of infections during their first year and many are attributed to teething. Middle ear infections/inflammation are very common because of the anatomy of the ear at this age, they will cause redness, pain when swallowing and eating, hence baby tends to dribble.
Tummy bugs and gross nappies may be due to hands going everywhere then straight into the mouth. Also teething often coincides with weening introducing new foods can play havoc with an immature gut. All those fruit purees are great but very acidic for delicate bums. Stick to veg.
It is rare to develop a temp when teething so if they have a temp it is more likely to be due to viral infection.
I thinks it's just a case of ruling out all other possibilities rather than jumping straight in with "teething".
Try Calpol to treat pain rather than teething hocus pocus. If you have toothache what do you reach for?
Sorry preachy dentist who cannot understand why parents avoid painkillers when a child is in pain.

timeforacheckup Tue 06-Jan-15 16:34:02

Dd1 wasn't really bothered by teething pain, dd2 seems to suffer a lot more.

Bellyrub1980 Tue 06-Jan-15 21:27:36

My baby isn't there yet (only 2 months old) but my mum insists me and my brothers never had teething pain. We also all happen to be lucky enough to have straight teeth. Part of me wondered if it was hereditary abd to do with how well aligned your teeth are naturally.

I guess, as usual, it's wishful thinking that my baby will get away with it!!

Bellyrub1980 Tue 06-Jan-15 21:30:23

willdoitinaminute that's a good point! I do wonder if my babies CMPI diagnosis is actually more to do with the fact that she had an immature gut initially and then contact with my nieces who (unknown to me) had a virus brewing.

Now I'm dairy free and I can't help wondering......

Bluestocking Tue 06-Jan-15 21:32:45

My DS didn't suffer too much - the occasional red cheek and very stinky nappy - but nothing too difficult. Fingers crossed for your baby!

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