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Vaccination Injection Site - Help Please

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sophiep33 Fri 02-Jan-15 21:40:28

My baby had her 12 week vaccinations earlier on this week but the injection site is much further up her thigh and more towards her bum cheek than the 8 week ones - I've tried to upload a pic.

After doing some research I'm concerned that the vaccinations won't have been as effective due to the fact that they were injected into a fatty area (her bum cheek) rather than her thigh muscle where the injections are apparently supposed to go?

Is there anyone on here who can help shed some light on this? Thank you so much.

Snappynewyear Fri 02-Jan-15 22:09:02

Some injections are subcutaneous and in the fatty area and some into muscle. So there's nothing wrong with it being in a fattier area and these can be less painful. The vaccine will work its way into the bloodstream as fatty tissue has a blood supply too so it will provoke an immune response.

mimilovell Thu 08-Jan-15 02:54:52

Oh dear, that does not look nice. 12 weeks vaccination might not work anyway, as babies immune system is compromised for under 6 months which is why some people change the schedule or dont bother. I understand we all want to protect our child, but the vaccines are pushed earlier and earlier and there are more and more vaccines added onto the schedule compared to when we were kids. The National Vaccine Information Centre has the copies of the manufactureres package inserts you can pull up to read. I hope you little one gets well soon.

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