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GP or not for ds1?

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Muchtoomuchtodo Thu 01-Jan-15 20:47:25

DS1 is 9 and usually extremely healthy (He's in year 4 and only ever had 2 days off after he vomited once).

He was unwell in the first week od December with very high temperatures, runny nose and lack of energy. He had 2 days off school and missed swimming and rugby for 2 weeks as he still seemed tired and run down. He was left with a cough which has never gone. I thought it was starting to ease slightly at the beginning of the week but today he woke with a temperature and his nose has been streaming all day. The cough has got worse again. Last week our local pharmacist suggested trying a glycerine, honey and lemon linctus but it's not helping at all. Vicks at night (chest and feet) lets him get some sleep.

The NHS website says that a cough is normal for 4 weeks after a viral illness. We're at 4 weeks now and things seem to be getting worse rather than better.

The other factor is that we're going on holiday in 2 weeks time and we'll be sharing a chalet with 3 other families and the 4 of us will be sleeping in a family room so I'd really like him to be well for that.

I'm in 2 minds whether or not to take him to the GP so am asking for your thoughts please.

Muchtoomuchtodo Thu 01-Jan-15 21:31:26


BMO Thu 01-Jan-15 21:33:08

Is there a reason you are reluctant to take him?

CarbeDiem Thu 01-Jan-15 21:37:17

I'd take him. It'll be nothing serious but he could have picked up another viral while recovering from the last.

FannyFanakapan Thu 01-Jan-15 21:38:51

id take him. He may have a seondary chest infection - esp. if he has a temperature - and after 4 weeks, the GP will want to see him.

Muchtoomuchtodo Thu 01-Jan-15 21:39:17

Because they're rushed off their feet, especially with having 3 Bank Holidays in the past 2 weeks and I don't want to be wasting their time.

There were lots of posters on here in November/December saying that they/their dc have had similar sounding illnesses. If lots of people came on and said yes, we had something similar and the cough has dragged on then I'd be less inclined to take him I think.

Muchtoomuchtodo Sun 04-Jan-15 19:28:09

Right. He's no better and back to school on Tuesday so I'm going to try to get an appt for him tomorrow.

Hope I'm not wasting their time.

Muchtoomuchtodo Mon 05-Jan-15 09:41:46

We've been and he's been prescribed antibiotics for a chest infection. The Dr was surprised that he had anything when she listened to his chest - she was expecting it to be viral.
Wish I'd taken him sooner now.

TiedUpWithString Tue 06-Jan-15 16:12:19

Glad he's got something for it OP. I understand your reluctance to go to the GP. I remember DD having the same symptoms and when I took her to the GP he told me off for not bringing her earlier. I pointed out they always say its viral and send you away with a flea in your ear and you have to wait for them to get delirious and a high temp before the GP admits its bacterial.

I did however once get given an inhaler for DD's chronic viral wheeze which really helped her. The GP (we see a different one every time) even measured DD's oxygen saturation levels which impressed me.

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