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movicol and accidents

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issybethy63 Tue 30-Dec-14 20:45:44

Hi I'm. New here this is long winded so sorry for that. My daughter is 4 at the end of this month we have been potty training for a year now. She was nearly done and getting the hang of it then poo accidents started it's never a solid always pasty and messy. She is on movicol we did a dose where she was on 8 sachets a day and it got very messy but that was the idea to clear her out she's now on 2 sachets a day I'm not sure if it's helping. Accidents are still happening every day and I'm throwing underwear away at a stupid rate I feel I can't venture far from home and always have to take clean clothes I'm sick of the sight and smell of poo It's holding her back she is only allowed to attend nursery in the mornings and she starts reception this year in try not to get mad at her but it's so hard as she will tell me no she doesn't need to go but always has poo in tabs on her pants she's getting to the stage where she's trying to clear herself up and using anything to do so. She can sometimes have wee accidents too and has little in tabs interest in the toilet or potty she knows where it's meant to go and when spoken about she promises to try we are 2 waiting to see bowel and bladder clinic u just feel at my witt end I have potty trained 3 children successfully but cannot get the 4th trained it's embarrassing for me and her. She has issues with other things doesn't like cream for her skin won't have bubbles in her bath doesn't like sun cream etc the list goes on hates tags in clothes and hates socks being a certain way I cannot get veg into her I have tried so hard even blending things up but she tastes it and gets distressed anyone have any advice as I'm struggling daily the health visitor is trying to help but nothing is working hmm

Parietal Tue 30-Dec-14 22:06:07

sorry you are having a horrible time. it is very difficult when things just don't work.
my DD is still on movicol at 6yrs, and it helped her a lot but it did take a few weeks for the benefits to kick in. And getting the dose right can still involve a bit of juggling.

would it help to put her back in pull-ups so you don't have to throw away pants, and to try to ignore the issue for a couple of weeks? sometimes taking the pressure off the child means she might get the idea on her own.

Our doctor also recommended always sitting the child on the loo for 5 mins just after breakfast to try to get a routine of poo-ing at the same time every day. but we never managed to make that work.

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