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Docs or not? 6 yr old with fever and cough but no runny nose, please help

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clairelou285 Tue 30-Dec-14 00:56:41

Hi everyone my daughter is 6 and has had a fever with a mild cough during the night but no runny nose or cold symptoms for the last 5 days. The cough has become worse the last two days and is now during the day as well. Her temp is between 39-40 she's been constantly tired, unusually quiet and is not eating. I've looked on nhs and other websites and they say to see a doctor if coughs last for 3 weeks but none mention the absence of runny nose. Should I be taking her the docs now or am I just being a fussy parent? Please help blushblush

iamthedanger Tue 30-Dec-14 20:34:49

Hi Clairelou, just wanted to let you know my 6 yo ds has had exactly the same thing. He had it for nearly a fortnight and in the end we were prescribed amoxycillin for a chest infection. It took a good 10 days before his appetite started to appear and even now it's still not back to normal. There are some nasty bugs around. Hope she's better soon.

Snappynewyear Tue 30-Dec-14 20:39:36

At the moment it sounds viral so antibiotics won't do anything, but if the fever has gone on longer than 3 days or is not coming down with calpol and ibuprofen, I would see a dr. Obviously if she is short if breath also get some medical advice.

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