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Should I be worried about 2 year old ds?

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Donthackmenow Mon 29-Dec-14 18:25:35

During my pregnancy with ds they often had problems getting his heartbeat within 'normal' range. I ended up having a couple of extra scans to check him because it didn't revert to normal after an hour of monitoring on 2 occasions. At 3 weeks old we spent a night in hospital and he was wired up to a monitor his heart rate never went below 165 and would go up to 190/210. I mentioned it to the consultant in the morning and he said they wouldn't be worries unless it was at 250/300.
Fast forward to now and nursery have mentioned that when they are cuddling him his heart is often racing even though he is inactive. He is an early waker and I have noticed his heart racing when I am trying to get him back to sleep, again it is not like he is running around! We went to the drs and it didn't happen during the 10 minute appt but they have referred us to the hospital. Recently it seems to be happening more often (we are probably just more aware of it) and the last day or so there have been times when it sounds like he is gasping for breath (like when someone is really distraught and crying so much they can't breathe but he isn't crying) and also he seems to have hiccups. We are trying to keep him calm but the problem doesn't seem connected to activity. In every other way he is happy and healthy - 50th centil for weight and height. Is becoming a fussy eater but this will be because he is 2! Do you think we need to worry or is it just one of those things?

Nextchapterabouttostart Mon 29-Dec-14 19:28:45

If you can try & take his pulse - he could be have SVT which is episodes of a fast heart rate - my son has episodes of fast heart rates & we have been told to go to A&E with it so they can catch it on an ECG but she said if they don't catch it we can catch it ourselves - anything above 200 bpm they are interested in -

He has had a full check at GOS & all clear but have been told just cause they did not see it, does not mean it is not there - but she said if it is SVT it will increase in frequency hence why she asked us to try & catch it.

Last time at A&E it had stopped by the time we got there but the junior recommended an heart rate app - which we know use & is very reliable will dig out the name in a minute.

A fast heart rate can be lots of things, but usually once diagnosed things are ok - means they can't be a fighter pilot!

Hope that helps a bit - I know taking a pulse can be hard, which is why app helps -

InSpaceNooneCanHearYouScream Mon 29-Dec-14 19:32:57

You could contact CRY ( cardiac risk in the Young) who are a fantastic source of info for worried parents. Good luck!

DeWee Tue 30-Dec-14 00:24:20

I would go and ask. My friend's dc complained of a racing heart for a while and they gave him a monitor to wear 24/7 to see what was happening. Turned out he was fine, but it gave mum some peace of mind.

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